General Maintenance of Your Flooring

Regardless of whether you have pets, all hardwood floors requires regular maintenance so as to maintain its attractiveness and to prolong its life. Regular sweeping and vacuuming can help keep it clear and minimize harm from sand and dirt that may be tracked into your home, which will have the exact same effect as sandpaper as time passes.

With pets, the further obstacle of dealing with shedding will also need frequent pruning and sweeping in order to keep up with the hairy mess. A useful suggestion is to consider your pet’s fur colour when deciding on the colour of your hardwood floors. Darker hair will not be as noticeable on a darker flooring, while lighter hair will blend better to a lighter color wood flooring.


shutterstock_670996654Installing hardwood floors can be a substantial investment in your house or business. Maybe you’re revamping your Barnet Area IT company’s headquarters. Or maybe you’re helping your mother remodel her kitchen. Whatever the situation, you would like to comprehend your flooring choices , and want to find out more about engineered hardwood floors.

The Basics

Engineered hardwood flooring includes a preservative in the bottom which consists of plywood or other kinds of wood”mashed together.” This substrate is then topped off with veneer — that is the part that you see. Depending what the substrate coating consists of, engineered timber flooring provides some significant advantages, such as reduced inclination to sew and a reduced chance to buckle.

What to Look For

It is possible to purchase pre-finished boards or you’ll be able to complete your personal planks (or have somebody complete them for you) to create the great aesthetic alternative for your space. The elements that could be significant are quite diverse and include: the width and length of the planks, the number of grooves on boards, the caliber of wood you chose, the environmental friendliness of the substrate, the glue or other adhesion elements used, etc.. You might also use many distinct processes to install engineered wood floors, such as:”floating” the floors to reduce warping, click locking boards with each other, almost like puzzle pieces, including underlay to dampen sound, down the glue method, the staple down method, etc..

Making the Right Choices

To understand the many aesthetic, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and otherwise precise solutions for your engineered hardwood floors requirements, you truly may benefit from the counsel of an expert. The staff in Barnet floor renovating is here to assist. Connect us today online or call us at our toll free hotline for immediate help with your flooring difficulties.


shutterstock_507145186Hardwood is among the earliest and most reliable flooring materials. When correctly installed and maintained, hardwood flooring will continue over a century as a matter of fact there are loads of buildings now whose floors were installed at the early 20th century and are still beautiful. However, in order to your flooring to continue that long and still preserve its softness and flair, there are quite a few variables which need to be thought about out of purchase, setup, and maintenance of your hardwood flooring.

Enhancing the Lifespan of your Hardwood Floors

Ideally, you need to take into consideration these variables when installing hardwood flooring:

  • Shade
  • Texture
  • Board width
  • Rigidity
  • End

Some kinds of end are covered by the manufacturer for 10, 20, or even 50 years; however with premium solid hardwood and quality end you can expect a much longer lifespan.


Poor installation can cause damage to the timber, lowering its projected lifespan. To prevent this, it is recommended that homeowners call in an expert hardwood flooring contractor who can follow all the instructions issued by the manufacturer. Low quality installation can also invalidate the existing guarantee.

Keep in mind the condition or application of the room before performing installation. Wooden floors can suffer damage from excess heat, light and moisture.


One benefit of hardwood floor installation is that it requires little upkeep. Periodic maintenance preserves the wood’s look and extends its lifetime significantly. There are two main elements that cause damage to hardwood flooring:

Light: Use drapes or other methods to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.
Humidity: Extreme fluctuations in humidity may also damage your floor; also as water if left position on the ground.

Wood is sensitive to fluctuations in the natural environment and as such should be held from experiencing random changes in warmth, moisture levels, and sun. With minimal disturbance, it may last long without showing signs of aging.

Tips to help care for your hardwood Flooring :

  • Wipe up water spills quickly
  • Block rain out water and moisture throughout the wet season
  • Vacuum the floor on a weekly basis
  • Use a no-wax cleaner to remove any residue from the floor
  • Do not get furniture polish or hairspray on your floor
  • Use area rugs and door mats in high-traffic areas

Use the proper tools for maintenance and cleaning to make the task easier and to find a lasting effect. Occasional hardwood flooring refinishing ensures that your floor maintains its initial gloss and covers unsightly dents. The more effort you put towards maintaining your floor, the better it seems and the longer it continues.

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What Are Exotic Hardwood Flooring

wood-flooring454546Not so very long ago, to find the expression of a classic hardwood floor without the end result costing you an arm and a leg, the only option was to use smart staining methods. Typically emanating from places like South America, Africa, India and Asia, exotic hardwood flooring are sought after not only for their aesthetic values but also because they are so hard wearing and durable as a hardwood flooring option. With titles such as Ipe, African Wenge, Cumaru, Brazilian Cherry and Pacific Mahogany, there is very little surprise that this category of wood is known as”exotic” hardwood.

The expression exotic hardwood is a term used for hardwood flooring which originates from outside of the united kingdom and is typically made up of species which don’t exist within our climate. Engineered hardwood flooring comes in a whole range of colours and shades which simply aren’t seen in woods indigenous to the UK, again reinforcing the exotic character of the wood flooring option.

In the past it was quite often the case that indigenous woods were coloured to look like exotic hardwood, but nowadays with the widespread availability and the relative affordability of wood engineered and solid hardwood floors , it is possible to have the actual thing. At the house or in commercial properties, exotic hardwood can be used to create some really striking interior styling consequences. The likes of dark African Wenge wood flooring might be introduced to an area to make a very stunning, contemporary background for the furnishings, as can Morado Rosewood. If you’re looking for a lighter option, which will create a very different look altogether, Asian Teak is highly likely to match the bill.

Aside from its hardwearing nature, another advantage of exotic hardwood flooring is that its abundance of color won’t fade with the harshest tear and wear. African Wenge, for example, is dark to its core, as is Morado Rosewood and Asian Teak is the same color within as it’s on the exterior. This means that scratches and small scratches are less of an issue than they’d be on floors which are stained to realize their preferred colour.

At one time only an option for those that have a high-income budget, exotic hardwood flooring is becoming a far more affordable, as well as sought after flooring option, providing you the depth of color you’re looking for at the exact same time as a very hard wearing and durable option.

Fall Flooring Trends to Look Forward To!

shutterstock_323733704A new year means new home design trends. This fall, there are lots of flooring trends to look forward to. Learn more about the best fall flooring trends by studying on.

The first flooring trend is black flooring. Black is a classic and sophisticated colour. If you are interested in high-class and lavish home design, opt for black flooring. Black is also a versatile colour, which you can easily fit to your furniture and home decor

The second fall flooring trend is bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly flooring material that is ideal for the environmentally conscious home-owner. Bamboo can be affordable and pleasing to look at. Bamboo flooring is a twist on traditional hardwood, allowing you to stand outside, without taking too large of a home design risk.

Cork is among the latest flooring tendencies. Not only is cork cool to check at, but it is comfortable to walk on. Cork flooring is much more cushioned than other flooring options, which makes it a top choice for kitchens and other rooms in which home-owners are very likely to spend long amounts of time standing.

Exotic hardwoods are a luxurious flooring trend that you can create your own. Elect for vibrant colors and unique wood grains for floors that fits with your personality and your interior design style to a T.

Another luxurious flooring trend for autumn is luxury vinyl. Vinyl used to be a considerably affordable flooring option, but the new customizations and innovative patterns that vinyl is available in have risen the value of this flooring option.

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Give Your Home European Charm with Wire-Brushed Wood Floors

STAGE 5Ever notice how a home with hardwood flooring makes a room feel immediately classy and elegant? There’s a new trend in wood floors that requires that look a step farther. It’s wire-brushed wood flooring. Wire Engineered wood flooring are floors that have been brushed with stiff cable to remove the soft wood in the grain showing the heartwood. The look is more rustic and the process actually produces a more powerful piece of timber.

3 Reasons Why Wire-Brushed Floors Are So Popular:

They’re Durable & secure Since the softer timber is brushed off, leaving hardwood just, wire-brushed flooring have a more demanding, earthier texture and can manage most your life’s wear and tear. This excess texture makes the surface less slippery.

They’re Animal & Kid Friendly If your fantasy of getting hardwood flooring dissipates if you understand you love your pets longer, there is great news! Contrary to other”tasteful” things in your house, wire-brushed flooring hold up well under everyday wear and tear.

They Have Timeless Charm Reclaimed, distressed, and hand-scraped wood floors are just a few of the styles that are popping up in homes everywhere. If you admire the rough, earthier look, but your home’s style is not quite that rustic, wire-brushed floors might be an ideal mixture of daring yet tasteful. Wire-brushed floors provide just a touch of rustic allure, yet exude a timeless elegance which will make your house feel warm and sophisticated.

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Warm Floor Styles for Winter

shutterstock_722499955With winter just around the corner most people are beginning to consider how we can get our house ready for those shorter days, longer nights and colder temperatures. While of course managing your thermostat is going to have the last say on how hot your home feels, there are particular interior design suggestions which could assist the overall atmosphere of your home to feel that bit cosier. Your first step should be your floor. Bearing this in mind, what would be the best ways of achieving that warm flooring in the colder months?

The biggest factor that is going to change the overall temperature perception inside the room is color. It comes as no real surprise to learn that the lighter and paler the color, the colder or more airy a room will feel. Whereas darker, richer colors will promote that cosy, warm texture. Think dark oaks and walnuts for that gorgeous finish.

Smoked and Reclaimed

As previously mentioned, color is a huge defining variable and as such there are a couple finishes and effects you can depend on to attain that warmer look. Smoked and reclaimed styles bring in great personality thanks to their slightly aged appearance. It follows that even in the event that you install it from brand-new, it will have that somewhat well-worn appearance that can make it look as though its been a part of your home. This will give it that slightly more expensive appearance as it will have plenty of background to its own aesthetic.

Rustic and Natural Grade

Both rustic and natural grade wood have a remarkably enchanting look about them. Their personality and variation give a classic country and homely aesthetic. This will instantly transform your home to feel that bit more quaint and cosy. A great illustration of this would be a natural, engineered oak which has a UV lacquered finish. This in a flooring that is incredibly strong, to grow the floors life, and also brings that warmth from its honey color.


A floor that has come in leaps and bounds and has earned itself the top spot among designers at the moment, the herringbone floor can provide you with a wealth of advantages. Historically rich, the herringbone floor lost its place in the limelight before undergoing a current period of rejuvenation. The look went from fashion, but has since be retrieved thanks to the vintage and retro trends that are all the rage currently. The herringbone layout therefore offers you that familiar aesthetic while adding a sense of fluidity for your floor. This flooring stinks class frequently looking more costly than it truly is.

Another great method of warming you house is the use of accessories. The ideal floor matched with these winter essentials like candles, blankets and cushions will transform your home into a wintery haven. We sell an wonderful assortment of these warmer flooring all year round, once you’ve discovered your perfect one which you can purchase yourself a free sample to see it on your own!



What Floor Is The Most Comfortable For My House?

shutterstock_101328571If it comes to deciding on a floor, things are not always simple. You are usually on a budget and also possibly the floor isn’t the only thing you are purchasing, so if you’re placing a significant sum of money into it, you ought to be certain the investment is well worth it. You want something that looks magnificent and, if you can, not too expensive, but you want a floor that doesn’t become a headache for you – something that you do not have to be constantly caring about. To put it differently, you need something comfortable. In this post, we show you some of the choices you have.

Strong Wood Floor

Strong wood is rather a conventional flooring and so a favorite. A fantastic characteristic of hardwood flooring is their life – if you keep them correctly, you’ll have a floor that will last over a lifetime. Obviously you’ll have to sand it and shake it in time to time to make it appear fresh and conceal those scratches which could appear, but that does not have to be achieved for the first 15-20 decades or so. However, as hardwearing as strong wood is, it’s a pure substance, meaning that it can not handle humidity, moisture and temperature changes. This isn’t always practical because it implies you can not install it together with underfloor heating or in most areas with a high amount of moisture. A fantastic choice is engineered wood floors, which resembles wood as it utilizes solid wood as a surface, but the remainder is completely synthetic making it more resistant compared to its own hardwood counterpart.

Laminate Flooring

If you enjoy the idea of engineered timber but you’re less enthusiastic about the purchase price, a more affordable alternative is laminate flooring. It’s completely artificial and looks like wood, but why do we believe this flooring is comfortable? Well, it is extremely hardwearing and just like engineered timber, it handles temperature fluctuations nicely. It is also waterproof, which will simplify cleaning, since you’re able to mop it with a warm and moist cloth. Additionally, it means that the floor is much more versatile as it can go in more humid areas such as bathrooms or kitchen and also you don’t need to fret about spillages. Another manner in which it compares to engineered timber is its own scratch resistance, so in the event that you have pets, fear not as this flooring won’t endure.

Vinyl Tiles

Luxurious vinyl tiles (LVT) would be the cheapest flooring you can find on the current market, and they still look good because they replicate the wood and stone effect really well. They are also very durable, as since they are made of plastic they’re entirely impervious to water. Vinyl tiles are so durable they are perfect not only for humid areas but also for rooms using heavy footfall and homes with pets that may cause scratches thanks to their scratch resistance. This flooring is also very sterile since it doesn’t collect dust or other allergens, and this is highly useful if someone in your home suffers from allergies. At length, such as laminate, it’s quite simple to wash LVT, as you only need to sweep and mop to keep the floor clean.

As you can see there are several different alternatives, you only have to know that is most appropriate therefore that it will not become damaged by heavy traffic or spillages, and of course it has to match the looks you’ve got and budget you might have. But ultimately the decision is yours!


10441947_590821054368160_2367732169839563648_nAwait the filler to place, and then get an original piece of sandpaper and gently sand the excess filler, until it is in accord with your floor. Last, apply a fitting wood end to the area employing a lamb’s wool fabric or natural bristle brush and leave to dry for an hour or two.

Following these steps, you can resolve any small scratches or dents on your hardwood floor, bringing it back to its original beauty. However, if you do think the damage is too severe to mend independently, or you believe you aren’t capable of fixing it, then get in touch with a professional for help.

Choose your Floors carefully

Colour may have a large influence on the overall sense of your room, and your flooring plays a major part in this. When choosing which type of hardwood flooring for your area, try to stay with woods in paler, lighter shades, such as walnut, beech, or maple. While dark colors will make your room feel bigger, lighter shades will give a natural, open look to your room.

Maintain your color scheme light

Your hardwood floors isn’t the sole element of your room where color is important. For smaller rooms, attempt to use lighter colours for your walls, in addition to your own decor. Lighter colours will reflect more natural lighting and will help add a sense of openness and space.

Be creative with your Own Storage

One of the key causes of a room feeling small and cramped is clutter. If you’ve got a smaller area, try to keep clutter to a minimum. Make the most of storage space which may be going unused. Consider using multi-purpose furniture with concealed storage space.

Use mirrors to make the illusion of space

By strategically placing mirrors in key parts of your room, such as opposite windows, you can reflect more natural lighting and create the illusion of a more spacious, open room.

Choose a few Crucial decorative Bits

With a smaller room, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking any decorative pieces must also be small. Interior design experts really encourage the opposite of the. Possessing multiple smaller pieces can leave your room feeling cluttered. Instead, opt for a couple of marginally larger pieces, like lamps or vases, and this is going to make your room feel larger.

Board Sizes

We would always recommend a broad board in a small area as this will give a sense of scale. Its the same with a carpet or tiles, little fussy patterns draw the space in, while plain or large tiles open the space up. This can be seen to full effect in a little bathroom with big square tiles compared to small mosaics!!!


Walnut_web-popupThe installation way of wood flooring depends on the type of wood flooring chosen for your flooring needs. In the event of solid wood, boards, strips or parquet are bought. On the other hand laminate floors includes another flooring installation approach.

One should always have the ability to locate the instructions and directions on the package of their hardwood floors. Installing laminate floors is simple and can be done quickly by following the directions on the package. Solid hardwood should be taken out of the packaging a while until it is put in and needs to be exposed to the area’s surroundings to have it ready for setup.

Consistently plan things and then start working. Pay attention to the smallest amount of details as they can earn a good deal of difference. The floor surface on which the flooring is to be done should be cleaned to remove dirt or dust. The foundation flooring ought to be swept and vacuumed. The measurements of the flooring area should be taken at least two to avoid any errors.

Make sure your numbers are appropriate by consulting with a team member at the local hardware shop. This will allow you to determine how much wood you need for the flooring. Glueless laminate flooring is famous as it does not need nails or glue.

The floor should always be performed across the length of the room.