10441947_590821054368160_2367732169839563648_nAwait the filler to place, and then get an original piece of sandpaper and gently sand the excess filler, until it is in accord with your floor. Last, apply a fitting wood end to the area employing a lamb’s wool fabric or natural bristle brush and leave to dry for an hour or two.

Following these steps, you can resolve any small scratches or dents on your hardwood floor, bringing it back to its original beauty. However, if you do think the damage is too severe to mend independently, or you believe you aren’t capable of fixing it, then get in touch with a professional for help.

Choose your Floors carefully

Colour may have a large influence on the overall sense of your room, and your flooring plays a major part in this. When choosing which type of hardwood flooring for your area, try to stay with woods in paler, lighter shades, such as walnut, beech, or maple. While dark colors will make your room feel bigger, lighter shades will give a natural, open look to your room.

Maintain your color scheme light

Your hardwood floors isn’t the sole element of your room where color is important. For smaller rooms, attempt to use lighter colours for your walls, in addition to your own decor. Lighter colours will reflect more natural lighting and will help add a sense of openness and space.

Be creative with your Own Storage

One of the key causes of a room feeling small and cramped is clutter. If you’ve got a smaller area, try to keep clutter to a minimum. Make the most of storage space which may be going unused. Consider using multi-purpose furniture with concealed storage space.

Use mirrors to make the illusion of space

By strategically placing mirrors in key parts of your room, such as opposite windows, you can reflect more natural lighting and create the illusion of a more spacious, open room.

Choose a few Crucial decorative Bits

With a smaller room, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking any decorative pieces must also be small. Interior design experts really encourage the opposite of the. Possessing multiple smaller pieces can leave your room feeling cluttered. Instead, opt for a couple of marginally larger pieces, like lamps or vases, and this is going to make your room feel larger.

Board Sizes

We would always recommend a broad board in a small area as this will give a sense of scale. Its the same with a carpet or tiles, little fussy patterns draw the space in, while plain or large tiles open the space up. This can be seen to full effect in a little bathroom with big square tiles compared to small mosaics!!!

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