Warm Floor Styles for Winter

shutterstock_722499955With winter just around the corner most people are beginning to consider how we can get our house ready for those shorter days, longer nights and colder temperatures. While of course managing your thermostat is going to have the last say on how hot your home feels, there are particular interior design suggestions which could assist the overall atmosphere of your home to feel that bit cosier. Your first step should be your floor. Bearing this in mind, what would be the best ways of achieving that warm flooring in the colder months?

The biggest factor that is going to change the overall temperature perception inside the room is color. It comes as no real surprise to learn that the lighter and paler the color, the colder or more airy a room will feel. Whereas darker, richer colors will promote that cosy, warm texture. Think dark oaks and walnuts for that gorgeous finish.

Smoked and Reclaimed

As previously mentioned, color is a huge defining variable and as such there are a couple finishes and effects you can depend on to attain that warmer look. Smoked and reclaimed styles bring in great personality thanks to their slightly aged appearance. It follows that even in the event that you install it from brand-new, it will have that somewhat well-worn appearance that can make it look as though its been a part of your home. This will give it that slightly more expensive appearance as it will have plenty of background to its own aesthetic.

Rustic and Natural Grade

Both rustic and natural grade wood have a remarkably enchanting look about them. Their personality and variation give a classic country and homely aesthetic. This will instantly transform your home to feel that bit more quaint and cosy. A great illustration of this would be a natural, engineered oak which has a UV lacquered finish. This in a flooring that is incredibly strong, to grow the floors life, and also brings that warmth from its honey color.


A floor that has come in leaps and bounds and has earned itself the top spot among designers at the moment, the herringbone floor can provide you with a wealth of advantages. Historically rich, the herringbone floor lost its place in the limelight before undergoing a current period of rejuvenation. The look went from fashion, but has since be retrieved thanks to the vintage and retro trends that are all the rage currently. The herringbone layout therefore offers you that familiar aesthetic while adding a sense of fluidity for your floor. This flooring stinks class frequently looking more costly than it truly is.

Another great method of warming you house is the use of accessories. The ideal floor matched with these winter essentials like candles, blankets and cushions will transform your home into a wintery haven. We sell an wonderful assortment of these warmer flooring all year round, once you’ve discovered your perfect one which you can purchase yourself a free sample to see it on your own!



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