Give Your Home European Charm with Wire-Brushed Wood Floors

STAGE 5Ever notice how a home with hardwood flooring makes a room feel immediately classy and elegant? There’s a new trend in wood floors that requires that look a step farther. It’s wire-brushed wood flooring. Wire Engineered wood flooring are floors that have been brushed with stiff cable to remove the soft wood in the grain showing the heartwood. The look is more rustic and the process actually produces a more powerful piece of timber.

3 Reasons Why Wire-Brushed Floors Are So Popular:

They’re Durable & secure Since the softer timber is brushed off, leaving hardwood just, wire-brushed flooring have a more demanding, earthier texture and can manage most your life’s wear and tear. This excess texture makes the surface less slippery.

They’re Animal & Kid Friendly If your fantasy of getting hardwood flooring dissipates if you understand you love your pets longer, there is great news! Contrary to other”tasteful” things in your house, wire-brushed flooring hold up well under everyday wear and tear.

They Have Timeless Charm Reclaimed, distressed, and hand-scraped wood floors are just a few of the styles that are popping up in homes everywhere. If you admire the rough, earthier look, but your home’s style is not quite that rustic, wire-brushed floors might be an ideal mixture of daring yet tasteful. Wire-brushed floors provide just a touch of rustic allure, yet exude a timeless elegance which will make your house feel warm and sophisticated.

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