What Are Exotic Hardwood Flooring

wood-flooring454546Not so very long ago, to find the expression of a classic hardwood floor without the end result costing you an arm and a leg, the only option was to use smart staining methods. Typically emanating from places like South America, Africa, India and Asia, exotic hardwood flooring are sought after not only for their aesthetic values but also because they are so hard wearing and durable as a hardwood flooring option. With titles such as Ipe, African Wenge, Cumaru, Brazilian Cherry and Pacific Mahogany, there is very little surprise that this category of wood is known as”exotic” hardwood.

The expression exotic hardwood is a term used for hardwood flooring which originates from outside of the united kingdom and is typically made up of species which don’t exist within our climate. Engineered hardwood flooring comes in a whole range of colours and shades which simply aren’t seen in woods indigenous to the UK, again reinforcing the exotic character of the wood flooring option.

In the past it was quite often the case that indigenous woods were coloured to look like exotic hardwood, but nowadays with the widespread availability and the relative affordability of wood engineered and solid hardwood floors , it is possible to have the actual thing. At the house or in commercial properties, exotic hardwood can be used to create some really striking interior styling consequences. The likes of dark African Wenge wood flooring might be introduced to an area to make a very stunning, contemporary background for the furnishings, as can Morado Rosewood. If you’re looking for a lighter option, which will create a very different look altogether, Asian Teak is highly likely to match the bill.

Aside from its hardwearing nature, another advantage of exotic hardwood flooring is that its abundance of color won’t fade with the harshest tear and wear. African Wenge, for example, is dark to its core, as is Morado Rosewood and Asian Teak is the same color within as it’s on the exterior. This means that scratches and small scratches are less of an issue than they’d be on floors which are stained to realize their preferred colour.

At one time only an option for those that have a high-income budget, exotic hardwood flooring is becoming a far more affordable, as well as sought after flooring option, providing you the depth of color you’re looking for at the exact same time as a very hard wearing and durable option.

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